Anti-Spam Policy

Flexmail nv/sa is committed to permission-based email marketing practices, and as a result has established this no-tolerance Anti-Spam Policy. Flexmail nv/sa will occasionally update this Anti-Spam Policy. When it does, Flexmail nv/sa will also revise the "last update" date at the top of this Anti-Spam Policy.

1. What is Spam?

Spam is commercial email or unsolicited bulk email, including "junk mail", which has not been requested by the recipient. It is intrusive and often irrelevant or offensive, and it wastes valuable resources. Spam messages are the opposite of permission-based email, which are normally anticipated, personal, relevant and/or associated with a pre-existing business or personal relationship. Inappropriate newsgroup activities, consisting of excessive posting of the same materials to several newsgroups, are also deemed to be spam.

2. Preventing Spam

Customers of Flexmail nv/sa have agreed during their registration process, upon accepting the Terms of Use, to comply with this Anti-Spam Policy. Specifically, each customer agrees not to use Flexmail to send unsolicited email or bulk email, whether or not for commercial purposes. Flexmail nv/sa reserves the right to determine in its sole discretion what constitutes actionable spam, as well as what measures are necessary in response to such spam activities.

3. Laws restricting Spam

Spam laws vary from country to country. This Flexmail Anti-Spam Policy has been developed to conform to the highest commercially reasonable standards. As a result, and without limiting the general prohibitions against all spam activities, the following are expressly prohibited:

  • Use of false headers, or other false information, to identify the point of origin or the transmission path of the email, or to hide the true origin of the email sender,
  • Unauthorized use of a third party's internet domain name without the permission of such third party, to make it appear that the third party was the point of origin of the email,
  • Use of any false or misleading information in the subject line of the email, and
  • Assisting any person in using Flexmail for any of these previously mentioned activities.

4. Reporting Spam

If you believe that you have received spam from or through Flexmail facilities, please send a complaint from your email account along with the unsolicited email, with completed header, to