Revision History

Date Description
July 2008 First Public Release (Version 2.1.1)
November 2008 Second Public Release (Version 2.1.2)
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Redesigned import services
  • Documentation revision
June 2010 Third Public Release (Version 3.0.0)
  • Support for new Flexmail release
  • Added PutFiles service
  • Added messageTemplateId and messageTemplateData members to the messageType
  • Documentation revision
Febuary 2011
  • Added messageTextMessage member to the messageType
  • Added a new service GetEmailAddressHistory
May 2011
  • Added messageWebLink member to the messageType
  • Added campaignPdfReportLink to the CampaignReportType
  • Added EmailTypeItems to the GetProfileUpdates response
  • Added a new service GetSubscriptions
  • Added a new service GetForms
  • Added a new service GetFormResults
August 2011
  • Added a new service GetEmailAddressHistory
  • Added a new service GetCampaignHistory
September 2011
  • Added formWebLink member to the formType
  • Added campaignHistoryOptions, campaignFrom, campaignTill options to the GetCampaignHistory service
  • Added a new service GetCampaignSummary
  • Added a new service GetBalance
  • BugFixed some sample codes
February 2012 Added ImportBlacklist service
December 2012 Added OptInType and optInType member to the EmailAddressType